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So you can enjoy something exceptional, CORETTI builtS tailored, truly customized unique skis using state of the art technologies along with the best raw material available. We can proudly state that we have developed an innovative vacuum molded carbon fiber construction technology that provides REACTION, LIGHTNESS and ENDURANCE to our skis.

You will finally be able to
own you dreamed ski

They will not tired you down following faithfully your commands no matter how tough your demand is.
Stiffness, flex and shape can also be tuned according to the athlete’s weight and ski style.
Exclusive and customized finishing are able to be designed to satisfy customer’s wishes.




The cores of your CORETTI skis are made of integer wooden slats. They have been constructed symmetrically starting from the same block in order to obtain a perfect symmetry and identical resistance on both skis. The geometry has been exclusively designed for you by means of a CAD system and has been machined by a CNC milling machine.


The edges are made of tempered steel 48-50 HRC. We bend them in cold working manually and give them a treatment for later gluing. The bonding is done with a special epoxy adhesive and inserting a strip of elastomer on each edge. As a result, we get an exceptional flexural strength and resistance to potential shocks.
Diseño CAD-CAM

CAD-CAM Design

The ski’s design is fully made by 3D parametric programs (CAD). Therefore, fatigue, tension analysis, vibrations, brake point calculation, etc. can be carried out in in advance in order to secure all parameters soundness before the ski is sent to production.

Fibra de Carbono


CORETTI SKI COMP considers it as the perfect material due to its high resistance and lightness, superior of what aluminum alloys such as "Titanal" can provide. Unlike the latter, in the long run carbon fiber does not lose its virtues working perfectly with no exhaustion in high flexion circumstances. Moreover, the different fabric layers placed in different directions allows to truly modify the stiffness or the flexibility of the ski at the user’s convenience.

Due to the fact it is pricing and difficult to work with it, the carbon fiber is only figuratively used in industrially produced ordinary skis.

Laminación pre-preg

PRE-PREG Layering

The utilization of PRE-PREG industrial arises a big difficulty: Curing temperature varies from 100 to 140°C, extremely high to many of the materials used in ski manufacturing. That provokes severe dilatation tensions during fabrication activity. As a result of that, CORETTI SKI COMP produces its own PRE-PREG process with low temperature resins avoiding the rise of such a dilatation problems although the whole process would take up to 15 hours at 40°C, instead of the 8 to 10 minutes at 120 to 140°C employed by ordinary manufacturers.

Construcción al VACIO


Once that all the materials are prepared, we construct your skis impregnating the various layers of carbon fiber with epoxy resin and wrapping the cores with them. We put them in the mold over the bases and cover them with a permeable fabric and an absorbent layer that will collect the excess of resin, providing a perfect balance between fiber and resin and thus, the highest strength-to-weight ratio. We seal the mold and apply the vacuum thereby achieving an aeronautic quality of manufacturing.